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Drone Accessories

Here we at GOS know how important looking after our equipment is . So, we have created a range of launching pads to prevent dust/grit/sand etc from getting in to the workings of the drones.

Ensure your drone/helicopter is protected during take off and landing.

These mats have the freedom to allow you to fly anywhere-be it the beach to the playing fields. No longer feel restricted due to long grass or sand.

All mats come with a handy cardboard tube so that the mat can be rolled up for storage and transportation.

Our standard drone launch/landing pad is suitable for most drones/quadcopters and even helicopters.

If you want to go that extra mile we also offer personalised mats . These mats can have your company logo on them , name of your club or family images.

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We also offer Hi Viz accessories so that you can clearly be seen!

The postage for the Drone mats is using "my Hermes" postal services